Mixed opinions on Utah/Texas CCW reciprocity sparks controversy.

You can get a license to carry a concealed weapon…

You can get a license to carry a concealed weapon without ever having to shoot a gun.  The reason—a growing number of instructors offer Texas students a chance to get a Utah concealed handgun license.

Concealed carry permits from Utah are popular and legal in Texas and it’s not hard to see why. Utah requires less than half the class time, has not written test, requires no live shooting and you don’t even have to leave Texas to get one.

“With the Utah program I’m able to concentrate 100% of my time and focus on the 20% of the core materials that people need to know of the day-to-day of carrying a handgun,” said Brad Brasuell a certified Utah instructor.

But Austin residents believe Texas should not recognize out of state licenses.

“That’s crazy to me,” said Austin resident Dennis Lancett. “Since I have been here I heard this state has so many rules and regulations and laws about things and are so under control how is this happening it’s something they should definitely look into.”

State Representative Lon Burnam, a Fort Worth Democrat, calls it an outrageous loophole that people are taking advantage of and needs to be closed. Burnam says it’s an issue the legislature needs to deal with next session.

Texas is losing about $1.5 million a year in concealed-carry fees to Utah.

Source: Steve Alberts for KVUE News.

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  • Thomas

    I agree texans are saving 1/2 million dollars. If you watch video it tells you that along with some other errors. but anyway its about the righht to carry in more states or reciprocity.If you notice the constable is a texas instructor that is losing money along with some others but the utah instructors are also texas residents and it is helping create jobs and income for some other people most of the money is staying in texas.less 65.25 to utah.

  • gwhh

    the texas goverment NOT losing 1.5 million in fees. The citizens of texes are gaining 1.5 million in income a year!