Mom supports LEO for making son do push-ups as punishment (video)

Mom: Cops taught my son a lesson The mother of…

Mom: Cops taught my son a lesson

The mother of an 18 year old forced to do push-ups as punishment for knocking down a mailbox offered support for the officers who could be suspended depending on the outcome of an internal investigation.

An eyewitness recorded the Friday morning incident and has turned that video over to police.

Richard Marchione was driving his car with four juveniles inside when police allege one of them used a reflector stick to hit a mailbox on Springdale Avenue. The owner of the mailbox did not press charges for what would’ve been a misdemeanor according to police.

According to the police report , officer Luis Rivera ordered the teens to ‘give me some push-ups’ before allowing the teens to drive away from the scene on Mark Drive.

Source: Walt Buteau for WPRI

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