Monmouth County, New Jersey authorities pay almost $12,000 for 286 weapons.

Image: Authorities collected more than 280 firearms, including five…


Authorities collected more than 280 firearms, including five assault weapons, as part of a “Guns for Cash” program held at three Monmouth County police stations last week.

A total of 118 guns were surrendered in Freehold Township, 101 firearms were turned in to Asbury Park police, and 67 guns were surrendered in Keansburg, according to Monmouth County First Assistant Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni.

He said authorities paid $11,750 for the 286 weapons that were surrendered as part of the anonymous gun buyback program held Thursday and Friday.

Authorities paid $100 for assault weapons, $50 for handguns and $25 for rifles and shotguns.

Source: Asbury Park Press

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  • Matt

    Sorry didn’t mean to double post

  • Matt

    So five people came in with full-auto military rifles? Because if not, they aren’t “assault rifles”. They’re just rifles. Assault rifles are the full auto versions of weapons and they have select fire capability. The term “assault rifle” gets thrown around by the media too much.