Montana objects to gun ban for medical pot users.

A federal ban on selling guns or ammunition to medical…

A federal ban on selling guns or ammunition to medical marijuana users raises constitutional concerns and complicates matters for states where medical use of the drug is legal, Montana’s attorney general said Monday.

Steve Bullock wrote U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder a letter in which he says the federal government should act carefully “when its laws and policies involve conflicts with those of the states.”

The ATF’s Sept. 21 letter to federal firearms licensees said dealers can’t sell a gun or ammunition if they have reasonable cause to believe the buyer is using a controlled substance, such as if the buyer uses his medical marijuana card as identification or talks about drug use.

“I think the federal government should be real careful and we would like to have had a discussion about this before getting the ATF letter,” Bullock said.

Source: Matt Volz for the Associated Press via

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  • Don

    A pot smoker with a gun is one of the least of my concerns. As long as he unloads if before trying to use it as a bong.