Montana Radio Shack gives away free guns to customers with new satellite dish service.

For Radio Shack customers in Montana, a satellite dish network…

For Radio Shack customers in Montana, a satellite dish network package arms them with more than just a remote.

It also comes with a gun.

Or, if customers don’t qualify (or for some reason don’t want the firearm), they can receive a $50 Pizza Hut gift certificate.

When reached by phone, a store employee told the News that people had been flocking in for the deal. So much so, store owner Steve Strand told the Ravalli Republic newspaper, business had tripled.

“I think it really, really fits Bitterroot Valley,” he told the newspaper.

The deal is brightly advertised on a sign outside the Radio Shack that reads “Protect Yourself With Dish Network Sign Up Now Get Free Gun.”

Source: Nina Mandell for N.Y. Daily News.

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  • tom

    This HAS to be a franchise store.

    Heck the company is so anti-gun, they even tell employees they can’t keep guns in their cars, which is completely illegal under state law for them to either “maintain, or enforce” such a rule.