More Charter Arms revolvers approved for California.

Fifteen more Charter Arms Revolver models have just been approved…

Fifteen more Charter Arms Revolver models have just been approved for sale by the state of California. California and a few other states require extensive testing before allowing new models of firearms to be sold inside their state.

The California State conducted tests cover performance, construction and safety; and these tests take place over a period of months.

Also, the much awaited revolutionary Rhino Revolvers arrival into the U.S. has been delayed for the last couple of months due to U.S. government procedures, etc. We now anticipate arrival in the next 30 days or so.

Source: Charter Arms

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  • To begin with I would not even visit California,too liberal for me ,from Mississippi where we use common sense,and it’s leave me alone and we aren’t a police state.But glad folks out ther can now purchase Charter Arms revolvers the best to me great value for the money,reliable,tough,been carrying a .38 DAO for years,want to get the 9mm and a.45acp maybe a .40s&w later on.Hope ya’ll enjoy them!Keep your powder dry!