More drug smugglers in Texas using law enforcement road spikes.

Drug smugglers are turning to a sharp law enforcement tactic…

Drug smugglers are turning to a sharp law enforcement tactic as they try to stop Texas law officers from chasing them.

Law officers often throw strips of spikes on roads to puncture the tires of fleeing vehicles.

Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Joe Trevino says agents in south Texas have had spikes thrown at their vehicles at least five times this year.
Trevino told the Corpus Christi Caller-Times that at least 15 incidents were reported in 2009, in which 33 vehicles were damaged, including 13 civilian cars and trucks. Just one incident was reported in 2008.

Trevino believes criminals are resorting to the spikes, which usually are made from large nails, because drug seizures in Texas have increased during the past two years.

Department of Public Safety Trooper Johnny Hernandez says the agency is leading the criminal investigation into the manufacture of spikes.

Source: Chron, AP Texas News

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