More packing guns at Salt Lake airport than any other, officials say.

A decade after 9/11, most people in America know what…

A decade after 9/11, most people in America know what to do — and what not to do — at airport security checkpoints.

But officials at Salt Lake City International Airport say they’re shocked at how many people try to bring guns and other weapons through security.

Last year, airport police arrested 22 people for having a firearm and 35 others for attempting to carry some other type of weapon through security checkpoints.

Airport officials say passengers are attempting to carry guns at Salt Lake City International more than any other airport across the nation. And in many cases, those guns are loaded.

“This is an alarming pattern,” said Steve Marlovits, the airport’s chief of police. “It’s become a common event. The traveling public needs to focus on the fact that guns and weapons are not permitted beyond the security screening checkpoints. Loaded guns, in particular, pose a significant danger in an airport environment.”

Source: Richard Piatt and Jared Page for Deseret News.

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