More than 900 illegal guns are shredded at recycling plant in Jersey City.

About 930 illegal guns were shredded at a Jersey City…

About 930 illegal guns were shredded at a Jersey City recycling plant Tuesday and the fragments will be melted down to cast a Peace Angel statue to be erected in New York City as an antiviolence emblem.

NYPD Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly donated the illegal guns to the Art of Peace Charitable Trust.

The first statue will be 5 feet tall, and will be placed at One Police Plaza. The commissioner, as well as Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy, were on hand to see the guns shredded at Sims Management on Linden Avenue.

Additional statues for New York City are to be cast, and the trust’s website shows an artist rendering of a 35-foot version planned for the city.

“We commend the trust’s inspiring efforts through artistic expression to help end the scourge of senseless violence most commonly manifested through illegal guns on the street of our cities,” Kelly said.


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  • Good Wolf Jay

    I agree with the General here! We have and will have Communist Enclaves among our states. This will never change and they can keep their enclaves. Besides, they hate to have armed citizens as ALL declared Communist Nations do. Note to them: stay there and retire. Don’t come down south…..

  • General Jim M

    Did they get them from the BATFE? Just teasing.

  • General Jim M

    There is no such thing as an illegal gun.What they are ” shredding” is the lawful property of someone whose gun was STOLEN.You could actually say that the people shredding the guns were committing a crime.I’d say grand theft,they intend to permantly deprive the rightful owner of their property.If you also consider that it is government doing this they are also taking private property without just compensation.Of course they don’t know what law or the constitution is in New Jersey.Just like DC,Chicago and New York, New Jersey Is a communist enclave in the USA.

  • Jeff

    Hmmm… who wants to bet there will be a separation of church and state law suit against these statues.