Mormon Church owns one of most active gun sale sites on web, according to Mayor Bloomberg report.

Image: Gotham Gazette The Mormon Church in Salt Lake City…

Image: Gotham Gazette

The Mormon Church in Salt Lake City owns one of the most active and unregulated gun sale portals on the web, according to a new report.

An undercover investigation released in December by Mayor Bloomberg’s office named the third most active gun listings site on the Internet.

The online hub came under scrutiny Monday when the news website Buzzfeed revealed Deseret Media Companies, the for-profit arm of the Mormon Church, operates it.

The mayor’s report said the site — where 1,327 handguns and 1,003 rifles were listed for sale Monday — allows buyers and sellers to complete a gun sale without identifying themselves.

Source: Reuven Blau for the N.Y. Daily News.

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  • randy

    if this site is ffl related it is impossible for anyone not to identify themselves.they have to go through an instant background check.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    well now we know why Rommney is no longer for gun control:)

  • kody

    Maybe this tyrant should become king and ban religion and classified ads….wow.