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  • what is so troublesome to me is that obama has no idea what the law is.for the last 10 years in utah if you couldnt produce a utah id they took you to jail, and iv seen the same law every else i went.
    maby he knows the law,but what does that make him.
    that really doesnt surprise me,coming from someone
    who has friends like,SHAVEZ,CALDERON,REV.WRITE,he even wants to throw away the efforts of our loved ones who lived fought and died to ensure that all americans dont have live like those in china,africa,iraq,mexico,cuba,haiti, yea im talking to you obama as long as your redistributing our hard earned wealth all over the
    globe,come 2012 when we americas thow you out,as your last act in office “and i say office like the tv show” you should redistribute yourself and your crooked friends all over the globe!
    and this time you wont get back in without pappers
    i can see why you dont let your people refer to the word terrorist or radical islam. thats the last thing a muslim wants to here,i know everyone
    has their right to their own faith,but also can admit to it! and thats the difirence between real americans and you….see you at the polls in 2012
    and after that it will be adios amigos for you obama!

  • Barry the Racebaiter…Never read the bill nor have any of his cabal. Re Calderon and the billionaires dining on the US Taxpayer’s dime tonight in our White House…25 k Dead in Mexican Drug War last 5 years. Mexico has Xenophobic Laws re Illegal Immigration THEY ARE FELONY LEVEL LAWS…2 years for the first violation…10 years for the next. Barry bashes AZ…in the presence of a Foreign Leader.. NOT MY PRESIDENT…IT IS LIKE FIDEL SUDDENLY APPEARED AND OCCUPIED THE HIGHEST TRUST OFFICE IN THE LAND. RESIST NEVER SUBMIT….RJI