Murdered Arizona rancher’s family asks for troops along Mexican border.

The family of a rancher who was shot and killed…

The family of a rancher who was shot and killed on his land in southeastern Arizona is hoping his death will bring better security along the border with Mexico.

Robert Krentz was killed March 25. Some Arizona officials say he was likely a victim of Mexico-based drug traffickers, but Cochise County investigators say they don’t have a motive or suspects.

In a statement released Saturday, Krentz’s family urged the U.S. government to “immediately order deployment of the active U.S. military” to the border.

Arizona’s ranching community has been asking for increased border security for years, an issue that’s now getting the attention they say it deserves.

New Mexico ordered more National Guardsmen to the border to beef up surveillance in the wake of the rancher’s death.


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  • Tim

    It’s time to pull our troops home from the middle east and deploy them to protect our own borders. Our country is in crisis at our own borders. The time is here and now.