N. Carolina student taking BLET classes charged with having gun on college campus.

A student who wants to be in law enforcement found…

A student who wants to be in law enforcement found himself facing charges for breaking the law during class.

The Lexington Dispatch is reporting that 21-year-old Colton Medlin of Mocksville was charged with having a gun on campus. Medlin is taking his basic law enforcement training (BLET) at Davidson County Community College’s (DCCC) main campus in Lexington.

According to arrest warrants obtained by the newspaper, Medlin was in possession of a pistol at DCCC while attending BLET driver’s training, this past Saturday.

Davidson County Sheriff, David Grice, said students in basic law enforcement training can’t have weapons, unless they are on the firing range. Grice told the Lexington Dispatch that students enrolled in BLET courses can use firing ranges in Lexington, Thomasville and Davie County.

Source: WFMY News 2/Lexington Dispatch

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  • General Jim M

    I never could understand why it is a crime to carry something in one place legally but somewhere else it’s a crime.Does everyone suddenly turn into a bloodthirsty criminal just because they are on school grounds? There should be NO restrictions on CONCEALED carry.Why would government fear the law abiding citizen just because he is on government property.The biggest murderers on Earth are government officials,they are the people who order wars.These people then worry that you might have a gun to protect yourself in a vulnerable gun free zone.