Names of 28 U.K. army snipers found in second-hand car from British garage

A Royal Marine sniper team from 42 Commando looks for…

A Royal Marine sniper team from 42 Commando looks for targets during cycle four of Operation Aabi Toorah in Afghanistan. The sniper is using a powerful L115A3 rifle whilst his partner covers his back with a standard SA80 assualt rifle fitted with a forward vertical hand grip. Image: Gaz Faulkner; Source: Royal Navy

The documents, seen by the Yorkshire Post, contain details of servicemen from 10 units including the Yorkshire Regiment’s 3rd Battalion, which is among troops currently in Afghanistan.

The course roll, which also identifies soldiers from the regiment’s 1st Battalion, was found under the spare tyre by the car’s new owner.

Snipers’ identities are closely guarded under the Ministry of Defence’s operational security procedures to protect them from retribution attacks by enemy sympathisers on home soil.

An Army source said: “We have a duty of care to provide the best possible support for our soldiers and those who are deemed at risk if their identities are exposed while on operations.

Source: Yorkshire Post

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