Napa County, CA will buy armored tactical vehicle.

The Napa County Board of Supervisors approved the purchase of…

The Napa County Board of Supervisors approved the purchase of an armored tactical vehicle on Tuesday, providing an added resource for the county’s sheriff’s department.

The vehicle, which will be used by the sheriff’s Special Weapons and Tactics team in high-risk situations, will cost the county $165,504.

In defense of the high cost, Napa County Sheriff Doug Koford said the vehicle was “essential” to providing the best possible public safety for the people of Napa County.

The county’s current armored vehicle, which was received through army surplus in 2000, has been plagued by breakdowns and repairs that have required a significant amount of time and money from sheriff’s department staff.
Koford said the new vehicle will be used primarily in situations involving gunfire, but can also be assigned to or put on standby when dignitaries visit the county.

The funds used to purchase the vehicle will be coming from the Rural and Small County Local Enforcement Assistance Program, which the county receives from the state to cover law enforcement expenses that otherwise would not be met.

Source: James Noonan for Napa Valley Register.

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  • General Jim M

    You better not try to steal a grape or you’re toast!

  • Napa Resident

    Also, surprised this even made it up here on TL. Napa’s not very news-worthy; slow day, guys? Hahaha.

  • Napa Resident

    As a Napa resident, we don’t have much in terms of crimes that warrant that vehicle within the cities; however, Napa County works with Lake County to the north in drug raids on marijuana farms and facilities. Napa SWAT and the Sheriff’s Dept. Usually provide most of the assets due to Lake County not being as well-equipped. Plus, it might be better to pay initial cost now and not get nickel-and-dimed by the old vehicle which has been pretty notorious for not working when needed.

  • AngryWhiteMale

    Trying to understand why they need an armored car in wine country. haven’t heard of any widespread unrest among the vintners (chuckel, giggle, snort)
    I just think somebody wanted a new toy…