National Guard troops set to deploy along the Rio Grande…eventually.

The Department of Homeland Security set August 1st as the…

The Department of Homeland Security set August 1st as the date for about 1200 National Guard troops to deploy along the U.S.-Mexico border, including about 250 here in Texas.

But with no troops patrolling the Rio Grande yet, many Texans are wondering where they are.

The National Guard says before boots actually hit the ground, soldiers must be screened and selected for the mission.

Once that happens, those troops must receive special training before they start. About 1200 guardsmen in total will head to border states including Texas.

About 500 are headed to Arizona alone.

If you were under the impression troops would be seen today along the Rio Grande, you weren’t alone.

Numerous Sunday papers we read yesterday reported troops were slated to arrive over the weekend.

Administration officials say August 1st was never promised as a start date. They say it was just the day to get the process started.

Source: Matt Rivers for KTSM.

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