LSD 41 LXR Navy
The all new LXR could be a new design of existing ships like the LSD 41 USS Whidbey Island.

Navy Examining Commercial Ship Propulsion System For LXR Amphib

U.S. Navy looking to keep budget of new amphibious LXR assault ships low while keeping performance in the field at a peak.

In an attempt to cut costs without sacrificing performance, U.S. Navy officials are researching a large commercially designed parts for its new LXR amphibious ship.

The U.S. Navy is looking to incorporate a commercial-based ship propulsion system onto the new ship.

The LXR assault ship would not be the first U.S. Navy ship to rely on a commercial means of construction. The 80,000-ton Mobile Landing Platform (MLP) is “a 785 foot-long commercial Alaska-class crude oil carrier” that draws “heavily upon commercial technologies,” according to

Called the LXR, the new amphibious ship could be a new design or configuration of several existing ships such as a version of the existing LSD 41/49 or a modified version of the Navy’s LPD 17 San Antonio Class amphibious transport dock, service officials said.

“You put the propulsion train on a commercial standard which is still very survivable. Commercial ship operators don’t want their ships to fail if they hit the rocks or get hit by a tug hard,” Vice Adm. Willy Hilarides, Commander of Naval Sea Systems Command, told

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