Navy SEAL who reportedly shot bin Laden meets with lawmakers to discuss veterans’ benefits

Image: Commander Duncan Smith, CO, Naval Special Warfare Group One,…

Image: Commander Duncan Smith, CO, Naval Special Warfare Group One, Reserve Det 219/flickr

The Navy SEAL who reportedly killed Osama bin Laden met with lawmakers about veterans’ benefits this week after Esquire reported that he didn’t qualify for a pension or family health care and that his disability claim remained unresolved.

The unidentified SEAL retired four years earlier than the Navy’s 20-year threshold that would have guaranteed him a pension and his family lifetime health care. He does, however, qualify for five years of health care for himself.

“The fellow who killed Osama bin Laden is one of many people who are having these problems,” Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., said Wednesday. He declined to go into detail about meeting the shooter, who has been worried about al-Qaida retaliation.

“He is one of 900,000 and he deserves justice, and those 900,000 deserve justice too,” said Sanders, chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. He plans to hold hearings about the disability backlog, calling it “my highest priority.”

Source: Matt Pearce for Los Angeles Times via Stripes

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