Navy secretary addresses sniper-squad incident story.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said Tuesday the investigation into a…

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said Tuesday the investigation into a Marine sniper squad that urinated on dead Taliban fighters in Afghanistan will be “thorough and will be done fast.”

“I’ve said it was totally inappropriate, and now we have to wait until the investigation is done,” said Mabus, who is the Obama administration official in charge of the Navy and Marine Corps.

Mabus’ remarks came after a ceremony Tuesday at Camp Pendleton, where he awarded the Navy Cross posthumously to Lance Cpl. Donald J. Hogan of San Clemente, who was killed while saving fellow Marines from a 2009 roadside bomb attack in Afghanistan.

Read the rest of Mark Walker’s article at NC Times.

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  • AJ

    they are lucky that the sniper squad isn’t cutting ears off, or maybe scalping. Or cutting their peckers off so when they get to paradise with all the virgins they wont be any good for anything (That whole belief is wrong on that anyway)

  • AJ

    Here’s an idea. Why dont they just back off. Who friggin cares about a little PP on a dead terrorist. Maybe they should worry about more serious things.