Navy testing new dress uniform

WASHINGTON – About 100 U.S. sailors are testing out the…

mullen.gifWASHINGTON – About 100 U.S. sailors are testing out the Navy’s new service dress khaki uniform.  The look isn’t completely new, as it is reminiscent of the old WWWII-style uniform, and includes a black tie and khaki coat.  For more information on this, click here and return back to comment.

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  • Looks like a Latin American uniform that Noriega, and others like him, would be proud to wear. When I first saw it I called my wife in and asked her to guess what countries’ uniform it was–the United States wasn’t among her guesses. I agree with other comments–unless there is some tactical/practical reason to change the uniform. Why the extra expense? Since when is the military supposed to be fashion conscious? What about their history of tradition? I have no problem with camo vs O.D. green, breathable boots that are camo vs shiny black etc. This change is just wrong.

  • Rod Hoover

    It seems to me that the Navy has decided to make another uniform company extremely rich. I wonder which Admiral or member of Congress owns the company that will be supplying these “new” uniforms? Our troops are in desperate need of so many items to do their jobs properly, and the Department of the Navy wants to spend mega-millions of dollars on new uniforms that look ridiculous and serve no purpose other than to waste taxpayers money. There is no intelligent life left in Washington!

  • Ted Leonard

    The new uniform looks nothing else but ugly! Officers don’t look like officers and sailors don’t look like sailors!