Navy Veteran Memorizes 2,200 Names For Military Memorial Wall

A US Navy veteran has memorized the full name and…

A US Navy veteran has memorized the full name and rank of 2,200 members of the military who lost their lives in Afghanistan. On Thursday, he paid tribute to the fallen by handwriting each name on a war memorial in Fort Worth, Texas.

Hundreds of spectators watched quietly as Ron White added soldier after soldier to the memorial, entirely from memory. He wrote each name in white ink across a 50-foot long black wall in a painstaking process that took eight hours to complete and included 7,000 words.

ABC News writes that White, who served a tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2007, first thought of memorizing the names listed on the Vietnam Wall. Instead, he felt it more appropriate to honor the men and women who died during a war he personally served in.


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