Neighbors fight the re-opening of San Francisco’s only gun shop.

San Francisco's only gun shop is set to re-open but…

San Francisco’s only gun shop is set to re-open but not if a nearby neighborhood group has anything to say about it. High Bridge Arms Inc. had been operating legally out of a small storefront near the intersection of Mission and Valencia since the 1950s but closed at the beginning of the year. Renovations have begun under new management and the only thing standing in their way now is a campaign to deny them a zoning permit.

The Northwest Bernal Alliance has been raising awareness and opposition through an e-mail campaign. Neighbor Jaime Ross told ABC7/KGO that she’d rather see a family friendly business that support the community open up.

Not all neighbors disapprove. Jaimee Greanleaf, a bartender next door to the shop, thinks it’s great they are re-opening because it’s a local business “and there’s always cops around”.

The owner originally closed up shop because it was too much work to stay in business. Back in 2007, SF Weekly ran a piece about the extent of the city’s control on the only gun shop in SF. One employee commented on the new gun control regulations by saying “That’s San Francisco. It’s tough. But, if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.”

The new manager, Steven Alcairo, seems up for the challenge. When asked about the current opposition he said, “They’re there, they’re out there, and that’s fine, it’s their right to be that way, and that’s OK. But they also have to understand it is also my right to commerce and our right to have and own and operate this business legally”.

Source: SF Appeal

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  • Eric

    Glad to be gone, too. Moved North to Freedom!

  • Jman

    Wow,I grew up around that neighborhood. Purchased my very first firearm from them when i turned 21. It was a sig p228 in 9mm traded it for a sig p226 in 9mm right after they got that in. Loved that gun. Man they were really good folks to deal with. I hope S.F. gets off its Almighty soapbox and let this place stay. Here is my Rant, I now live in a very free state Mt. and have several guns love them all. S.F. you have to get your shit together and realize Guns do not kill. Uneducated punks with black market guns kill people. I saw more shit in that city just by walking by gang members and seeing what they had. If your afraid of my little semiauto gun, try one thats not registered and full auto in the hands of someone who can care less about your laws on gun control! I have and they don’t give a sh..t about your laws, none of them do. Keep law abidding citizens the right to owning guns. once the gang bangers realize more people are armed then the bullshit stops. Trust me everyone here has guns and there is not that crazy thug mentality here. Just wanabees but they know if they get crazy then someone who can protect their families will!! Chill S.f. chill out.. I miss the city but glad to be gone… 🙂 Good to be Free!