New Air Force One debuts in Pentagon planning.

U.S. Air Force File Photo A new Air Force One…

U.S. Air Force File Photo

A new Air Force One presidential transport has appeared in the latest version of the Pentagon’s aviation plans, marking the first time the Pentagon has included a replacement for the long-serving Boeing 747 jet transport.

The plans don’t specify a specific aircraft model, but it could an updated executive version of the 747, known in military service as the VC-25.

The two aircraft that serve as Air Force One began flying in 1990 and 1991, respectively, according to a service fact sheet.

Current and former military sources have said power demands are straining the two quad-engine jetliners due to the aircraft’s extensive communications equipment and other systems. Newer Boeing aircraft feature engines with thousands of pounds of more thrust than those on the current Air Force One aircraft.

Source: Marcus Weisgerber for Defense News.

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