New gun law proposal frustrates Swedish police

In a proposal to the Swedish Council on Legislation's (Lagrådet)…

In a proposal to the Swedish Council on Legislation’s (Lagrådet) the government has suggested implementing stricter penalties for carrying a weapon in a public place.

However, at present they are not willing to grant police the wire tapping capabilities for less serious crimes, powers which police have long sought.

“We have made every effort to signal the need for this and we hope that the government will continue to work on it. We really do need to have these capabilities,” said Skåne police county head Eva Årestad to news agency TT.

According to Årestad, the government’s stance is a disappointment to the police officers that work to combat illegal weapons on Malmö’s streets.

“They see these problems daily and it is frustrating that we are unable to use the tools that exist when we are battling serious organized crime,” Årestad said.

According to minister for justice Beatrice Ask, the government is continuing to work on the question.

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  • MrBlade

    I live in sweden cant say anything else than this
    country sucks absolutly zero freedom stupid communist laws even more stupid is the people deciding whats right or wrong. Here we cant even
    sing the national anthem in the schools beacuse people in high places thinks its racist.