New Hampshire Republicans don’t back down on guns in Statehouse.

Two days after a deadly shooting in Arizona, New Hampshire…

Two days after a deadly shooting in Arizona, New Hampshire lawmakers weighed in on the repeal last week of a gun ban at the Statehouse.

While Democratic leaders reiterated that citizens should not be allowed to carry guns in Concord under any circumstances, Republicans said they should have the right to protect themselves.

“Gun-free zones make no difference to an individual who breaks the law,” said House Republican Leader D.J. Bettencourt of Salem.

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., remained hospitalized in critical condition after a rampage at a political gathering outside a supermarket that left six dead and 14 injured or wounded. Jared Loughner, 22, was arraigned yesterday in connection with the shootings.

The weekend massacre occurred only four days after New Hampshire’s Republican-dominated Joint Legislative Facilities Committee voted to repeal the ban on weapons at the Statehouse in Concord.

Source: Doug Ireland for Eagle Tribune.

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  • Cauthon

    The Massachusetts anti-gun law of 1974 said that if you take your gun with you in your car (presumably unloaded, because of course we wouldn’t want people defending themselves) you have to keep it “under your control” at all times. That could be interpreted – and may have been intended – to mean that the gun could not be left in the car, in a locked case, locked in the trunk, with the alarm activated, while the owner goes into the post office, or the Social Security office. The SS office, BTW, prohibits carrying guns or knives, and provides no place to leave them outside their secured area. So, if you can’t leave a gun in your car, and you can’t take it into a place where you have to go, then your carry permit does not make it possible for you to have the gun with you outside your home. It’s easy to keep good people from carrying guns, because we play by the rules. Then, other publications such as Mother Jones print articles saying that there have not been very many cases where mass murder has been stopped by an armed citizen; they outlaw guns, then wonder why only the outlaws have guns, most of the time.