New Haven, CT gun buyback brings in “Mac-10 military rifle.”

Image: Two dozen guns are off the streets of…


Two dozen guns are off the streets of New Haven Saturday night, following the city’s latest gun buyback.

The event brought in 23 guns including a Mac-10 military rifle. Police were shocked to see the machine pistol.

“This is an original Mac-10 not a full auto, but it can be made that way. This is the real deal. This is exactly what the buyback such as this is helping to get off the street. These have no purpose outside the military except for killing and murdering people,” said police spokesman Officer David Hartman.

Source: NBC Connecticut

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  • CrusaderKnight

    There are a lot of dumb,easily led people out there.That is the semiauto version that CANNOT be converted to full auto.A full auto would cost mega bucks and it would be a FEDERAL crime to own one without a special tax paid to the Feds.The Feds would go to the police and snatch up such guns.Calibers are 380,9mm or 45acp,not rifle rounds.They also have a short barrel.Legally a rifle has a 16 inch or longer barrel.So it’s a semi auto pistol, with a short barrel.Effective range is probably 50 yards.There are pistol versions of the AR-15 and AK47 that are much more effective.The full auto M10s and M11s were a special forces and CIA weapon,it was compact and could be silenced.Highest cyclic rate of fire of any small full auto weapon.Liberal reporters know nothing about guns.

  • Matt

    Media people have NO integrity these days. That is not a “rifle” nor is it a “military” gun. A plain old semi auto ar15 (America’s best selling rifle) will do WAY more damage than this little pistol. Aside from looking kind of cool it is just the same as any other pistol. The anti gun people and the ridiculous words they throw around to scare people (machine gun, assault rifle, etc) are outrageous. P.s. officer David Hartman, in case you didn’t know, ALL pistols are made to kill human beings including the one in YOUR holster. To say “a gun like this serves no purpose except to murder human beings” is a ridiculous statement. If I owned that gun I may shoot it at the range in the next lane over from an ATF agent and I wouldn’t be in trouble because all it is is a pistol! Come on already, let’s get some honest journalism around here.

  • Sampson

    It’s a semiauto pistol,costs around 300 bucks,no more dangerous than a Glock 17 with 32 round mag.Everyone has to be so sensational!!!!!!Of course when the news complains about a few civilian firearms they never mention that cops are armed like soldiers today.That “Mac10” is nothing compared to fully auto or burst M-16 and M4 rifles.

  • dougie mckinght

    So which “military” used this “rifle” then. It is a semi auto pistol and its not a military issue pistol, as usual is the media try to make a story get your facts straight for once, officer hartman what use are you as a cop if you can’t get your facts straight

  • Matt

    Officer David Hartman has no business wearing a badge if he is unaware that guns are used harmlessly for recreational purposes on a daily basis in the USA. This is petty, shallow, and purposeless reporting by NBC. That’s pretty much par for the course.

  • jeffrey perkins

    There is no such thing as a mac10 rifle, its a pistol and there are other uses for it besides killing people.There are collectors, and legal competitions there used in, and just about any semiauto handgun or rifle can be converted into full auto.

  • A Rifle….hahahaha some people are so naive its astounding. That is a pistol not a rifle. Can it be made full auto with the right know how, yes it can be, but its not a rifle and should be labeled as such…nothing more here than media fear mongering…and lets face it NBC is now known for editing things to suit “their” tastes.