New Haven Police Department cops protest layoffs (video).

NHPD cops protest layoffs: New Haven police officers are…

NHPD cops protest layoffs:

New Haven police officers are letting Mayor John DeStefano know that they’re not happy with the recent layoffs.

News 8 first told you about 16 police officers that were laid off Wednesday night. More layoffs are expected as the city tries to deal with a multi-million dollar deficit.

With their lights flashing and their sirens blaring, the police officers drove up to City Hall, got out of their vehicles and started chanting “Bring Them Back!”. They were also calling for DeStefano to come out.

Pictures sent to News 8 via Report It show some of the police officers marching through the city streets from the police station to City Hall. Another Report It photo shows the police officers blocking traffic on Church Street.

Angelo Mauriello was of the police officers who found out last night that he had to turn in his gun and badge today at 10am.

“You work so hard, it’s not easy doing this job, and then you get a phone call it’s sad to hear,” he said.

News of the layoffs last night came just as police were responding to a double shooting at a Dunkin’ Donuts store on Derby Avenue. Union President Sergeant Louis Cavaliere calls the layoffs a “disgusting embarrassment” and is suggesting that city residents arm themselves.

Source: WTNH

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  • Agreed there is a fine line. Im not saying cops should shoot first and ask questions later, but they should be able to defend them selfs and others when deadly force situations arise ( North Hollywood 1997). As a former officer you Know that a traffic stop is one of the most dangerous things one does. Wouldn’t it be nice to now who you are possibly dealing with before you get out of the car, or send a person on their way. How many violent and or drug offenders been pick up from such a traffic stop? Im not a big fan of traffic cams or other remote form of big bro. my self.

  • General Jim M

    Sure Ben,sure.Cops are supposed to arrest,not execute.A sniper executes.An assault rifle on burst or full auto is not a precision weapon it will cause innocent bystander casualties.How about the sound cannons ,predator like drones,armored cars,police state type roadblocks and traffic cameras,those computers in every cruiser cost a lot too.I’ll bet a lot of cops get shot at traffic stops because the person stopped knows that the computer will tell the cop they have an old warrant from another state.Issue the traffic ticket,no computer fishing expedition and the chance of a police state goes way down.I’m an excop but we used Smith and Wesson 38s,we weren’t expected to be soldiers and everyone was not a suspect.It was not us against them.Too many cops are like paramilitary soldiers not peace officers.Turn cops back into cops and let soldiers fight wars.Stop declaring war on American civilians. The job is to arrest,not fight gun battles over drugs.

  • The police (and fire men)should be the last to be let go, especially in a time when tensions are running high. They are the last line of protection and peace. Also rifles are NOT play things for cops, they are a crucial tool used to save lives…

  • General Jim M

    PS the cops in the front row of the video are FAT.

  • General Jim M

    Millions of people have lost their jobs to “globalist” buisnessmen shipping American factories to China,India etc. Why should cops be any different? More people out of work,tax base shrinks,the government cannot afford as many.If police departments shunned expensive toys maybe they could keep their jobs,but they all want those assault rifles.Sell off those expensive playthings and maybe they can keep more people.Of course this is really all contrived to cause riots and demonstrations in America.From the middleeast to America someone is formenting revolution.In another year the whole Middleeast will probably be an Islamic Caliphate and America will be clashing with Americans. It looks like it will be overpaid government workers versus Joe Taxpayer.