New Homeland Security laser scanner reads people at molecular level.

Image: The security screening area at Denver International Airport. David…

Image: The security screening area at Denver International Airport. David Benbennick/Wikimedia

The Department of Homeland Security will soon be using a laser at airports that can detect everything about you from over 160-feet away.

The scanner is called the Picosecond Programmable Laser. The device works by blasting its target with lasers which vibrate molecules that are then read by the machine that determine what substances a person has been exposed to. This could be Semtex explosives to the bacon and egg sandwich they had for breakfast that morning.

The inventor of this invasive technology is Genia Photonics. Active since 2009, they hold 30 patents on laser technology designed for scanning. In 2011, they formed a partnership with In-Q-Tel, a company chartered by the CIA and Congress to build “a bridge between the Agency and a new set of technology innovators.”

Source: Washington.CBS.local; Gizmodo

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  • Six

    You guys are right, imagine gunpowder residue or even gun cleaning chemmicals even after washing your hands on your person. Yes you will be flagged and treated like a terrorist. They are more interested in invasive searhces,violation of our civil rights but those in power, will not be going through metal detectors, scanners, laser scanned, they by pass all this.

  • Dan LaBarge

    Also farmers will also be detained because they will have residual ammonium nitrate (fertilizer) on them.

  • Dan LaBarge

    So what this article means to say is that everyone who owns a gun or shoots will be flagged and detained for gunpowder residue. Great.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Great so now shooters will be hasseled