New Jersey police departments consider using stun guns.

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New Jersey is the last state in the union to permit police to have stun guns, but in doing so also has established one of the toughest set of criteria in the nation as to how such weapons may be used by officers, according to law enforcement officials.

What began with the grudging approval of stun guns for law enforcement use in Gov. Jon S. Corzine’s administration in 2009 will culminate this year when many agencies throughout the Garden State begin to purchase the technology.

At the heart of the state policy is the principle that stun guns are generally meant to be an alternative to deadly force only, not as a means of subduing a suspect who for example is simply fleeing arrest or being uncooperative, and poses no threat to the life of the officer or the public.

Source: Courier Post Online

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

  • Gregory

    New Jersey once again shows its stupidity and liberal mentality. To use a stun gun as an alternative to deadly force is the act of a foolish police officer and a future dead officer. Deadly force is only used against suspects when there is perception of a danger by an officer that a suspect will cause great bodily harm or death to a member of the public or the responding officer(s). That being said, deadly force used by a suspect must be must be met with deadly force by an officer. The actions of a suspect always dictate the amount of force initiated by an officer.

    I have been involved in incidents where a Taser was deployed against physically violent suspects resisting officers. The results were a failure of the Taser to instantly subdue the offenders. A Taser was never meant to be a magical tool that stops everyone. A Taser is a tool that assists officers in gaining control of resisting suspects. Had the resisting suspect been utilizing deadly force, officers would have been seriously injured or killed.

    To the average person, my position may seem unreasonable but that is not so. The average person may think that if officers meet deadly force used by a suspect with less than lethal force no one would be harmed or possibly killed. As a law enforcement officer, my duty is to protect the public, myself and fellow officers. If I respond to a person who is using deadly force, I will more than likely fail if I meet his deadly force with a less than lethal option that has no guarantee of being effective. If I fail in subduing the suspect, I will either be dead or incapacitated. The suspect will be able to disarm me and go on to endanger everyone further.

    A policy of using a stun gun as an alternative to deadly force is a reckless policy contrived by politicians who only have to worry about getting paper cuts or pricking their finger with a staple. We do not get the little ouchies from someone using deadly force, we get killed! I am so glad I left New Jersey long ago!