New law permits guns on campus at University of Wisconsin schools.

As of Nov. 1, it will be legal for individuals…

As of Nov. 1, it will be legal for individuals to carry concealed weapons on the UW-Madison and all other UW schools’ campuses.

Gov. Scott Walker signed 2011 Wisconsin Act 35 into law on July 8. The law legalizes licensed citizens to carry a weapon as long as they do not display criminal intentions.

A permit to carry a concealed weapon, good for five years, will be issued by the Wisconsin Department of Justice for $50.

While the law prohibits armed individuals from entering police stations, sheriffs’ offices, schools, courthouses or prisons, it does not ban them from entering university campuses and buildings. Wisconsin state legislators denied requests from UW staff to add such provisions to the law.

The law does, however, allow colleges and universities to place signs near entrances to campus buildings such as residence halls and athletic arenas restricting armed individuals from entering.

UW system spokesperson David Giroux said UW officials plan to take advantage of the provision and mark all university buildings as off-limits to armed persons.

Source: Anna Duffin for Daily Cardinal.

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  • asianMike

    Booyeah!!Can’t wait to get my CCW permit.