New Medal of Honor video game lets you play as the Taliban.

It's a standard feature of World War II-themed video games…

It’s a standard feature of World War II-themed video games like Electronic Arts’ best-selling “Medal of Honor” series: In multiplayer sessions, while some players take the roles of Allied troops, the other half wind up playing as soldiers of the Third Reich. Now EA’s next “Medal of Honor” release is set to up the discomfort factor that comes with such an option. Set in modern-day Afghanistan, it will allow users to play as the Taliban.

Developer DICE has emphasized that it isn’t trying to make any grand political statements with the game. Along with publisher EA, it says it’s not possible to make a game about a contemporary war without including this kind of feature — and facing the controversy that comes with it.

“Most of us having been doing this since we were 7 — if someone’s the cop, someone’s gotta be the robber, someone’s gotta be the pirate and someone’s gotta be the alien,” Amanda Taggart, senior PR manager for EA, told AOL News. “In ‘Medal of Honor’ multiplayer, someone’s gotta be the Taliban.”

While the Nazis in the old “Medal of Honor” came at the safe remove of history, having U.S. children portray Taliban insurgents trying to gun down U.S. forces via the game is indisputably more in-your-face. The game is also set to launch amid the deadliest stretch of the Afghan war for the American military, which has lost more than 1,200 soldiers in the conflict so far. “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” caused a stir when it allowed the player to take part in a terrorist attack on a Russian airport, and that wasn’t connected to a real American war.

Read the rest of Dave Thier’s article at AOL News.

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  • C

    Think of this as cops and robbers when you were a kid. Someone has to play as the bad guy.

    Also, I’m pretty sure I read that some of the profit goes to some veterans organization, which is good. And it’s nice to know that vets are hired by these studios to act as consultants so there are job opportunities based on military experience.

    War is effed, but there are ways to turn lemon into lemonade. Vickers is a good example of someone taking their combat know-how and applying it to business (his being more serious rather than being in the entertainment sector).

  • Mr.Pimms

    theres alot of anger, i agree with Theel, anything for a buck. Maybe some of the proceeds from this game can go to help out our injured vets, American and Canadian. Put the money to good use. On the flip side, how do you think the Germans, Arabs, Japanese, Vietnamese feel about these kinds of games where armchair warriors stab, shoot, drive over, mine there video people? I am totally into these games, love em. We all just need to chill with PTSD…HOORAH!

  • Menso

    @ S Smith

    The 1st Ammendment is cool until someone says or creates something you don’t agree with, right?

    @ matticus

    Your “anything to turn a buck” argument is absurd. What’s the difference between the soldier who fought in the Middle East now as opposed to the soldier who fought in Europe, Africa, or the Pacific during WWII? Now what about all the WWII games that have been released over the years where you could play as the axis forces against the allies?

    Go back under your bridges, you trolls.

  • Christopher

    Awesome cant wait to kick some Taliban a$$!!! And maybe some coalition, haha. Seriously, 7 year veteran and counting, Im not offended, and dont know anyone that is.

  • S Smith

    Hey Good job. Glorify the enemy like they actually have a stand up fight. As though they fight “with honor”. Will you show them cutting off the genitals of our wounded before torturing them to death? How about making sure your game has mentally handicapped kids as suicide bombers. You fucking geeks who design these things can go fuck yourselves. Ive been there. You have no right. Fuck you and your game.

  • matticus

    The adversarial, play vs. player portion of the game simply pits two “teams” against each other. Who says that it has be be allied troops against Taliban? Could you just use maps based on the single player content and have “red” team vs. “blue” team? The traditional online shooter format isn’t even applicable to U.S troop vs. Taliban fighters… If you insist on making this the basis for your game, why not do so with a dash of realism where as the young U.S troops are not so much killed in action packed fair fights, but rather ambushed/mangled/killed while performing mundane tasks like trying to drive down the road?!
    Anything to turn a buck right?

  • This is my first FPS game and become easily addicted. I stopped playing assassin’s creed because of this. Truly a great game.