New Mexico police chief denied bail on gun charges.

The disgraced former police chief of a small New Mexico…

The disgraced former police chief of a small New Mexico border town will remain behind bars with the mayor and village trustee pending trial on gun running charges, a judge ruled on Thursday.

U.S. District Judge Robert C. Brack denied bail for Angelo Vega at a hearing in Las Cruces, calling the former police chief of Columbus a flight risk and “a dangerous man on perhaps the most dangerous border in the world.”

Vega was among 13 people, including the mayor and village trustee of the tiny frontier town, who were charged earlier this month in an 84-count gun-running indictment.

It alleged that the defendants used their positions to facilitate and safeguard the trafficking of around 200 guns, including assault rifles, to Mexico, where about 40 people a day were killed in raging drug cartel violence last year.

Source: Writing by Tim Gaynor; Editing by Greg McCune for Reuters.

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  • Tom

    Another case of the government running guns.

    “Vega, Vega, now what nationality would that be? Oh, yeah, Chevrolet.