New Miami-Dade, Florida police drones keep on top of the case.

The contraption weighs 18 pounds and looks like a flying…

The contraption weighs 18 pounds and looks like a flying garbage can, or maybe R2D2, of Star Wars fame, but with more plumbing.

The newest technological crime-fighting machine for the largest law-enforcement agency in the southeastern United States is capable of topping 9,000 feet, stops on a dime and can hang in midair like a hummingbird while training powerful lenses on its prey.

The Honeywell T-Hawk — or micro air vehicle, as Miami-Dade police refer to it — even uses heat imaging to pick out targets.
But bad guys can take solace: The T-Hawk can’t see behind solid walls, can’t deal with high winds, and doesn’t launch missiles or spray machine-gun fire.

“It sounds like a lawn mower outside your window. You know it’s coming when you hear it,” said Sgt. Andrew Cohen, a licensed pilot who has been testing the drone — controlled from a laptop — for years in the hope it will be up and running in the coming months.

Miami-Dade police began testing their two T-Hawks about four years ago after receiving a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice. One was purchased, the other leased from manufacturer Honeywell for $1 a year. Each unit, operated on land by a laptop, costs only about $50,000.

Source: Charles Rabin for The Miami Herald.

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  • General Jim M

    So when do we, police and military,start to say no to technologies that are creeping us forward to the all intrusive police state? There have to be cops and soldiers who do not want these fancy toys that would be extremely useful to an Adolph Hitler.This is the United States of America not a banana republic.Cops and soldiers have to ask themselves,am i a peace officer,am i a soldier of the United States of America or am i a gestapo agent or an SS stormtrooper? You have to decide because the forces behind the invasive,guilty until proven innocent technology will continue to push their crap until American is a prison country with no privacy and no rights.Its up to us to stop it.Think about it,remember that the American people are your bosses not the politicians.

  • JA

    Freaky and cool. freaky because police could be any were now and you won’t know it. cool because it will make police work easier. it will cost less to send one of these after a bad guy rather than a helicopter.