New Spike TV series spotlights the best Special Ops mercenaries.

The new one-hour Spike TV series Most Lethal, produced by…

The new one-hour Spike TV series Most Lethal, produced by GRB Entertainment, features real-life warriors from the top levels of special operation forces facing off in a competition to determine who is the fiercest.

The show challenges 12 of the most dangerous military mercenaries to compete for the title of Most Lethal. Using advanced technology to analyze weaponry, training operations and tactics, the series will provide a look into the covert community of special ops. Most Lethal is slated for a ten-episode run, to begin in summer 2011.

“We are bringing together 12 of the best-trained combatants in the world for the most intense reality series on television,” said Sharon Levy, Spike TV’s executive VP of original series. “The show will arm the viewer with information on training techniques and history of the special ops that viewers can’t find anywhere else.”

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    Were not Fn mercenaries.