New SWAT Training Location Opens at Ohio Community College

A Boeing 727 and a fully constructed mock city are…

A Boeing 727 and a fully constructed mock city are just some of the resources now available to train Ohio’s Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team members.

Starting today, 20 local officers will be the first to begin a new course at Owens Community College, which intends to train new members for the elite police unit. The 40-hour, 5-day program is a partnership between the Owens Community College Center for Emergency Preparedness and the Ohio Tactical Officers Association, a nonprofit organization that provides law enforcement with supplemental training in advanced weaponry and tactics.

“The resources there are incredible,” said Pat Fiorilli, president of the association. “There is a deficiency of good training locations. The versatility it offers is like nothing else in the state.”

Officer Joseph Ball, commander of Ohio’s Northern Regional SWAT Team, said that local police usually need to do SWAT training in a mix of different locations — often in abandoned city buildings.

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