New technology eliminates paperwork, tracks weapons use with radio frequency i.d. tags

Troops are required to keep track of how many times…

Troops are required to keep track of how many times their weapons are fired in the heat of combat, even though the last thing a soldier wants to spend time on during battle is paperwork.  It’s also probable that when a soldier encounters a situation that requires gunfire, his/her memory and bullet count can be quite inaccurate due to other, more important issues to focus on (like protecting lives).  Regardless of the circumstances, the tallying of fired bullets is required so the Army can accurately estimate when each weapon has reached the end of its usability.

Due to the constant advancements in military technology, the Army can now lean on Benét Laboratories, a New York-based company that focuses mostly on cooperative R&D efforts for the U.S. Army, to track shots fired in war by attaching radio frequency i.d. tags (among other circuitry) to weapons.  For more details on this, click here and return back to comment.

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