New weapon for Czech soldiers: CZ 805 BREN A1/A2.

The Czech military will be equipped with a new type…

The Czech military will be equipped with a new type of assault rifle CZ 805 BREN A1/A2 made by the Ceska zbrojovka, a Czech joint stock company based at Uhersky Brod, which has won an open tender for delivery.

The delivery of new small weapons designed as personal weapons for individuals at all branches of the Czech military will start this July while their first operational use is planned for this autumn.

The new assault rifle CZ 805 BREN A1 (and type A2 with a short barrel) is part of the Soldier of 21st Century Project, which will integrate all elements of personal equipment, gear, communication, navigation, optoelectronics and identification features of a soldier.

The weapon replaces outdated Czechoslovak assault rifle 76,2 mm vz. 58, that was in successful use by Czechoslovak and Czech military for more than 50 years. The modern CZ 805 BREN rifle represents a unified modular weapon system enabling accommodation of additional devices with the prospective of further improvements. Both 7,62×39 mm, and NATO standard 5,56×45 mm cartridge calibers can be employed with the CZ 805 BREN.

The cost of the whole contract is 1,102,710,857.68 Czech Crowns (CZK) including VAT. (1 US$ = 17.481 CZK; 1 EUR = 24.125 CZK; the Czech National Bank set for 2nd February 2011).

This information was made public at the press conference presided by the First Deputy Defence Minister Jiri Sedivy at the Defence Ministry on the 2nd February 2011. The press conference was also attended by Director of the Operations Division of Czech MoD Brigadier General Bohuslav Dvorak, General Manager of weapon´s manufacturer – the Ceska zbrojovka company – Lubomir Kovarik, and Technical Manager of the same company Radek Haverland.

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  • John Gaddis

    This is something I wish they would do in Semi-Auto so it could be imported through CZ-USA….

    I would rather this than a AR hands down. Bren 805 and Sig 556 both out perform the AR in all areas of use.

  • AngryWhiteMale

    I have an AR10 and a SOCOM II. I feel pretty updated. Also have one of the new Ruger 556’s because they are so damn Cute!!

  • Richard Linares

    I think about time USA up date small arms becuase rest world is.