New York City’s $340 gun permit fee upheld in Manhattan Federal Court

Image: Michael Slonecker/Wiki The city's hefty $340 fee for a…

Image: Michael Slonecker/Wiki

The city’s hefty $340 fee for a gun permit is constitutional, a judge declared Monday.

Gun advocates claimed the fee to keep a legal gun in the home — $340 initially and for a renewal every three years — violated the Second Amendment right to bear arms because it was “exorbitant.”

But Manhattan Federal Court Judge John Koeltl said, “There is no evidence that the fee has deterred or is likely to deter any individual from exercising his or her Second Amendment right.”

Source: Robert Gearty for the New York Daily News.

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  • Freddie Mac

    This is the dumbest shit ever. You have to pay a fee to keep a gun in your home? What, do we live in North Korea?

  • Mark

    Any fee to own a gun is clear violation of our 2nd amendment rights. Nowhere in it does it give the Fed or anyone else for that matter, the authority to collect a “fee” in exchange for permission to possess a firearm.

  • Jeff

    You think its exorbitant now… just wait, now they know its “protected” they’ll have alot elbow room to raise it even higher.