New York third grader charged with selling loaded pistol.

A New York City third-grader and his father have been…

A New York City third-grader and his father have been arrested after the boy sold a loaded 9mm pistol to a classmate for $3, police said on Friday.

The unidentified boy and his father, Ignacio Galvin, 54, were arrested Thursday in Queens after the buyer’s mother alerted school authorities when he came home from class and showed her the weapon, thinking it was a toy.

Father-son criminal charges include three counts each of criminal possession of a gun. An additional charge of acting in a manner to injure a minor was filed against Galvin, the legal owner of the pistol.

Source: Reuters via MSNBC.

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  • Joe

    I also wanted to mention that Im a Gulf War Veteran an NRA member and a Fedrally Licensed Collector.I contracted MRSA after surgey in the hospital and when it flare out because of my weakend immune system I wind up in the hospital for 30 days at a time.But I dont woory because my guns are locked up in a safe and my german shepard watches over my family when I cant.

  • Joe

    I totaly agree I have three sons and a collection of guns but their all in a big fire proof child proof safe.I too was brought up in the country and kept my guns unloaded in my closet in my room growing up.But these are different times and the gangs are around today and they recruite at young ages even if you bring your kids up right the criminal element is on the bus and in the school there in most of the week.Why take chances? Get a safe lock them up and they wont wind up in your kids lunch bag going to school.For around 200.00 at central tractor ,walmart,kmart you can get a decent safe isnt it worth the peace of mind people?

  • JSA

    This is the kind of crap that fires up anti-gun enthusiasts and legislation. Self-policing by gun owners has to happen to reduce the number of stories like this. If there are kids in the house then the gun owner has to be responsible and keep them locked when not in adult possession. I grew up hunting and fishing and the guns were stored on racks in my bedroom and I had the cleaning detail of mine and my dad’s hunting weapons. That is not the case in most defensive gun ownership homes in major cities. Kids are not brought up around or educated about them nor do they use them or have respect for them. There are quick access handgun safes one can keep under a bed near at hand. I have two kids and I use a safe and it’s a quick 3 button combo and I practice and it opens fast. I believe that stories like this are absolutely preventable and should be to stop bad gun publicity. Let’s not put innocent kids in danger and let’s keep stories like this from giving ammo to the anti-gun crowd. We owe it to our kids to keep them safe and to make sure guns are around in the future for them to enjoy in a safe recreational environment.