New York’s SAFE Act Bans Hunting With Firearms on SUNY ESF’s Adirondack Acreage

"Traditionally, the college has allowed the use of firearms for…

“Traditionally, the college has allowed the use of firearms for hunting on our properties,” said Robert Davis, director of forest properties at ESF. “But changes in the law now prohibit that use. ”

Under Gov. Cuomo’s SAFE Act passed earlier this year, the law increases the penalty for the possession of a firearm on school and college/university properties. Previously, the Penal Law charged violators with a misdemeanor. The SAFE Act elevated the penalty to a Class E felony.

The SUNY ESF announcement concerns the 2,500-acre Pack Forest Demonstration Area in Warrensburg in Warren County, and the 2,800-acre Dubuar Memorial Forest adjacent to SUNY ESF’s Ranger School at Wanakena near Cranberry Lake in St. Lawrence County. The property is used for education, research and demonstration purposes.


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