New York’s Tough Gun Laws Are Pretty Worthless: Report

Mayor Mike Bloomberg is on a crusade to rid the…

Mayor Mike Bloomberg is on a crusade to rid the world of guns. Unfortunately, it’s not doing a whole lot to keep guns out of the hands of thugs in New York City, according to a recently released report from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

According to the report, 8,793 guns were seized in New York in 2011. Only 1,595 were actually purchased here.

The majority of the weapons are coming from states with less-restrictive gun laws, like Virginia, Pennsylvania and Florida — which has led to New York’s reputation as a “market state” for guns.

“We call New York a market state because it’s so highly regulated that it’s easier to get a gun in another state and bring it back,” ATF Group Supervisor Robert Cucinelli says.

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  • Dj

    I blame the people of NY.. Reason why, STOP PUTTING PEOPLE IN OFFICE WHO TAKES THE SECOND AMMENDMENT RIGHTS FROM YOU !!!.. Dumb asses !!… I was born and raised on the streets of NYC. There are some people who have a license to conceal but it’s a hand picked few and that’s bullshit !!.. He wants gun control because he doesn’t trust the people and it should work both ways. Don’t trust bloomberg and the NYPD to save your ass.. Here’s what I say to Bloomberg, You can’t predict who will do what, just like you can’t predict corrupt cops. Bloomberg won’t banned cops from carrying guns, then he shouldn’t expect gun control for the people that are hard working and have integrity either …

  • Matt

    I live in England where only the bad guys have guns because the government banned them, The above link is for the gun crime figures for last year and if you read them i hope you’ll be able to see why you MUST NEVER let your 2nd amendment rights be infringed.

  • NY is a prime example of exactly WHY ‘control’ measures are ineffective. It’s one thing to ‘stamp out’ violence, it’s another thing entirely to remove an individual’s right to self defense.


  • Ron

    Mayor bloomberg needs to stop trying to ban every thing he doesn’t like. Maybe he should take his money and live in a country that bans guns. N Korea is a nice place for people who want to control everyone