New Zealand’s Special Air Service looking for new recruits.

New Zealand Special Forces escort the MTMC-MSC port survey team…

New Zealand Special Forces escort the MTMC-MSC port survey team at Karabela. According to the website the photo was taken by either Sergeant First Class Mark Giampietro or Captain Todd Browning of the US Army during their deployment to East Timor in 1999.

The call for new soldiers comes as the Special Air Service (SAS), just home from Afghanistan, see a lot of special forces soldiers leaving – including Victoria Cross winner Willie Apiata.

Air Force and Army publications are this week are calling for applicants to fill places in D Squadron (Commando) of the SAS.

Commando Squadron used to be known as the Counter Terrorist Tactical Assault Group and is these days a secretive unit – even its size is not properly known – that trains for terrorist operations.

The military say the commando offers greater responsibility and higher pay as well as being surround by self-motivated people.

They say selection is tough and once accepted, the new members have to decide whether to be “assault operators” or marksmen. The later have to provide “reconnaissance and real-time intelligence” for the assault group.

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