NJ Assembly Delays Passage of Gun Ban

In response to citizens' calls, faxes, and emails, the New…

In response to citizens’ calls, faxes, and emails, the New Jersey Assembly on November 17 delayed passage of A2116 (banning most firearms of .50 caliber or larger) and instead amended the legislation in an attempt to respond to gun owner concerns. The amended bill could be considered by the full Assembly as soon as December.

What this means is the author of this bill is trying to refine the bill so it will become a “Stand Alone Bill” to ban the .50 BMG. This is where they are going and this is what they want to accomplish. We need to send a clear message that any ban is unacceptable.

The amendments are currently under review and further email alerts will be forthcoming. However, no amount of tinkering can “fix” a gun ban, and A2116 remains fundamentally flawed legislation because it bans handguns and long guns based on the size of the hole in the barrel instead of punishing criminal behavior. Please continue to contact your Assembly members and oppose A2116. Their contact information is available here.

[ Via fiftycal.org]

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  • J. bonanno

    Not one more inch in New Jersey, we must now go on the offensive and take back lost ground!!!