No proof Pakistanis knew bin Laden location: U.S.

There is no evidence Pakistani officials knew Osama bin Laden…

There is no evidence Pakistani officials knew Osama bin Laden was living at a compound deep inside the country, but the United States is not ruling out the possibility, President Barack Obama’s counterterrorism adviser said on Tuesday.

The death of the al Qaeda leader in Monday’s U.S. raid on his compound in Abbott, a military garrison town 38 miles from the capital Islamabad, has led some U.S. lawmakers to demand a review of U.S. aid to nuclear-armed Pakistan.

“They (Pakistani officials) are expressing as great a surprise as we had when we first learned about this compound, so there is no indication at this point that the people we have talked to were aware of this, but we need to dig deeper into this,” White House counterterrorism chief John Brennan said in an interview with National Public Radio.

Source: Will Dunham and Paul Simao; Editing by David Storey for Reuters.

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  • Jeff

    While I think its something to be looked into, it seems unreasonable to assume their military would know about a terrorist living so relatively close by to their military academy. Its as obsured as saying we should have known about 9/11 because some of the hijackers took pilot classes in San Diego, where there is a naval base. The Navy wouldn’t notice individual civilian aircraft with student pilots, just as a bunch of cadets at a Pakistani military academy, or even normal soldiers, wouldn’t care about a slightly larger and more fortified house in a neighborhood of fortified houses. Its an obsurd statement because of the specificity of the insinuation. The question should more broadly be: why were we mislead to believe he could be else where?