No ruling in hearing over Arizona immigration law.

A U.S. judge grilled lawyers for the Obama administration and…

A U.S. judge grilled lawyers for the Obama administration and Arizona on Thursday over the legality of the state’s tough, new immigration law set to take effect next week, but gave no timetable for a ruling.

The Obama administration is seeking a preliminary injunction blocking implementation of the law that requires state and local police, during lawful contact, to investigate the immigration status of anyone they reasonably suspect of being an illegal immigrant.

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton peppered lawyers for both sides during a 90-minute hearing over whether the state law contravenes federal authority over immigration law, and if predictions by critics that it will lead to racial profiling were overstated and unwarranted.

The U.S Justice Department is among plaintiffs that include civil rights and advocacy groups that have filed seven lawsuits seeking to block the law from taking effect next Thursday.

Bolton’s ruling could come at any time.

Source: Tim Gaynor for Reuters.

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  • ARA

    There is a great deal riding on the outcome of these lawsuits against Arizona. There are at least three states that have been reported in the media (NM, UT, and one of the Carolinas) that are ready to take up Arizona-like laws when their legislatures reconvene after the summer break. If Arizona carries the day, they and very likely more states will at least consider similar legislation.

    If the federal government and special ethnic interest groups carry the day (who would have forseen such strange bedfellows?), then a powerful legal precident will be set that will influence a great deal more than enforcement of federal immigration law.