NRA outlines National School Shield program at NRA Sandy Hook presser

Former Congressman Asa Hutchinson will lead the development of the…

Former Congressman Asa Hutchinson will lead the development of the NRA school shield program.

Each school, Hutchinson says, will make selections based on its specific needs, and can opt out of armed guards.

The program will rely on local volunteers, he says, not massive federal funding.

“I think there are people in every community in this country who would be happy to serve,” he said, “if only someone asked them and gave them the training.”

Source: Policymic

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  • James D. Acker

    I would without hesitation volunteer for the “School Shield Program”! I wish to be asked, enthused to train, and proud to serve for my community! I had made the same suggestion to a Dr. Perry on the msnbc channel. I kind of wish I seen this first.

  • TwisTTooL

    27 people dead does not justify the cut-throat liberals long standing agenda to come about. The government[US] striping away our principle freedoms while lining their pockets and not allowing us to protect our kids =with gun vs. gun= does tend to justify a civil war.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Shield is a pipedream and has everything to do with the issue of the kids safety and nothing to do with the agenda of the politicians.

  • CrusaderKnight

    27 people dead do not justify a civil war.

  • Eric Webb

    The NRA has a solid proposal.  We need an immediate ability “on the ground” in schools to stop active shooters immediately.  It is impossible to overcome the logistical problems of police reaction time any other way.  In America we do indeed guard money better than our children.  Academics John Lott and Gary Kleck and their associates have strong research supporting the NRA’s proposal.  Unfortunately, the proposal’s critics are powerful, numerous, socially networked and well-funded.  Interestingly, Fox News asks if America can afford this? The answer is one of priorities: if protecting kids is truly most important, then we will find the money…  The only way to stop felonious violence is with immediate countervailing force.  That is why we have an armed police in America.  Lott’s research finds when the law abiding have immediate access to concealed firearms, violence goes down since criminals, psychopaths and terrorists seek defenseless victims.  Our “gun free zone” schools simply attract those depraved individuals seeking to destroy Society by slaughtering the innocents.  Sadly, many politicians, Media pundits, educational “experts,” and, most disappointingly, big city law enforcement officials miss these grim realities by willful denial and seek to strip the rights and means of self-defense from law abiding citizens, instead.  Stay engaged in protecting all of our civil liberties; we are in a turning point in our history…