NRA takes aim at Florida gun law

The National Rifle Association will seek to pass a bill…

The National Rifle Association will seek to pass a bill legalizing the open carrying of firearms in Florida during the 2013 session of the state Legislature, renewing a crusade for expanded gun rights that faltered last year, a longtime lobbyist for the group said Wednesday.

Marion Hammer, executive director of the NRA’s state lobbying organization, Unified Sportsmen of Florida, told the Tampa Bay Times that the envisioned legislation would make it legal for holders of concealed-weapons permits to carry exposed guns in public.

Hammer said the bill is necessary to protect such gun owners from harassment by police when they accidentally reveal concealed weapons in public. A 2011 compromise that tweaked existing regulations to remove penalties for those who unintentionally expose a gun has not been sufficient protection, she said. As a result, the NRA has reverted to its original goal of open carry for concealed-weapons permit holders.

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  • Jason

    @David hahaha best troll ever. and you got them!

  • Dugan

    David let me say it like this! Although its a million to one chance it will happen, at that split second moment when I might have to use deadly force with a firearm to protect my family or myself I am not going to bet there lives or mine that my stretched thin under paid local police will be there to hold my had. I got it covered, and so should you. That’s a good reason.

  • Fred

    David, why is protecting Americans’ rights not a good idea?

  • Jose

    ….absolutely necessary….as a concealed carry licensee there is always that fear that we may accidently expose our weapon and have to face harrasment from over zealous cops…I really hope that the NRA is successful in their attempt this go around…

  • not a good idea