NY Lawmakers seek to ban cars tricked out with secret compartments to stash guns and drugs.

Cars tricked out with secret compartments to stash guns and…

Cars tricked out with secret compartments to stash guns and drugs would be illegal to own – or build – under a bill two lawmakers are pushing in Albany.

“There’s no purpose for a hidden compartment on a vehicle other than to facilitate crimes,” said Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas, a Queens Democrat.

The bill sailed through the Senate codes committee and could see final approval in the GOP-run Senate as early as this week. Simotas said she’s confident the bill also has bipartisan support in the Democrat-controlled Assembly.

The proposed law would mean fines or jail time for owners of cars equipped with hidden compartments.

Source: Bob Kappstatter for the N.Y. Daily News.

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  • Biff

    How about minivans that come from the manufacturer with hidden compartments in the floor, etc. I completely disagree with the concept that there is no legitimate reason for a hidden compartment. Eric’s comment about the laptop for instance or better yet, a hidden compartment for my fully legal gun so that some thug can’t steal it and MAKE it an illegal gun? As usual, a politician with a decent argument but terrible execution. Stop trying to regulate MY life and go regulate the idiots at the big banks who gamble our money away then ask for a “hand out” from us because they screwed up!

  • Doc

    I agree…how about those of us that have a legal permit to carry but need to stash if we are going into a school or other prohibited area?

  • Eric

    Not trying to side with the ACLU on this, but what consitutes as “hidden.” Why does it have to be a crime??? A “thought crime” for these “representatives,” almost certainly… For example, what if someone doesn’t want to see some “ugly” handel or lock, and they decide to “cover” it with some decorative item? Why is that evidence of criminal intent??? What if they want to hide valuables, like a computer laptop from being stolen (e.g., “”Mongo’ see laptop through glass so break-glass and take lap-top and run…ugg!”), but still accessible because they don’t want to go into the rain — let’s say in a “rainy day scenario” — and get that laptop from their trunk? What if they have a mini-van, and they want to keep stuff out of the hands of the “rug-rats???” This is just a form of legislative paranoia.