NY Marchers Protest Police Stop-And-Frisk Tactics

A silent march by thousands of people in New York…

A silent march by thousands of people in New York City protesting police “stop-and-frisk” tactics on Sunday was punctuated by an explosion of loud voices.

“We’ve got to fight back, we can’t be silent!” a group of activists shouted as they passed the home of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, just off Fifth Avenue.

But the rest of the quiet, slow procession from Harlem down the avenue was interrupted only by the tapping of feet on the pavement and birds chirping in trees along Central Park.

Nearly 300 civil rights groups were represented in the 30-block walk, from elected officials and labor union members to New York residents angry about how they’re being treated when they walk the streets.

Critics say the NYPD’s practice of stopping, questioning and searching people who police consider suspicious is illegal and humiliating to hundreds of thousands of law-abiding blacks and Hispanics. Last year, the NYPD stopped close to 700,000 people, up from more than 90,000 a decade ago.

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  • Jay C.

    I’ll try it again:

    NY has become a Communist City of naive sheep, led by a Fascist Shepherd. New Yorkers should stand up for their Constitutional Rights before it is too late. They won’t and NYPD is now out of control with “stop and frisk”, among other things. Try to “stop and frisk” me without my express consent first and see what happens.

  • Jay C.

    Thanks a lot moderator. Censorship at its best.