N.Y. Senators propose legislation to oversee NYPD.

Image: NYPD swearing in/graduation ceremony in Madison Square Garden, July…

Image: NYPD swearing in/graduation ceremony in Madison Square Garden, July 2005. Wikipedia

Three Democratic state senators say an independent inspector should oversee the New York City Police Department after what they say are abuses including the widespread surveillance of Muslims and the crackdown on Occupy Wall Street protesters.

The bill comes in the wake of a series of articles by The Associated Press that detailed monitoring of Muslims, a tactic decried by some as religious profiling.

The measure from Sens. Kevin Parker, Eric Adams and Bill Perkins of New York City, however, appears to have little chance of passage. It lacks support by the Republican majority and has no counterpart in the Assembly.

Source: Associated Press via Law Officer.

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  • JRS

    Anyone that does not believe that the Muslims of this world are not out to dominate it do not know much about the religion. They are close to taking over Europe now and the U.S. is next on their agenda. So I say let the NYPD go for it. The fight on our side has to start somewhere.

  • Ron

    The muslims are the enemy of the United States not the NYPD

  • David

    Democrats need to worry less about political correctness and more about supporting NYPD in the fight against terrorism.

  • Matt

    hmmmm widespread surveillance of muslims you say! and religious profiling too. Now why would the police in NY be doing that??????????I hope they are 🙂 keep up the good work